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8 Reasons To Work At Honeycomb

01 Aug 2019

8 Reasons To Work At Honeycomb

I recently read that employees are becoming disillusioned with break out spaces, bean bags and fruit bowls. This is good news, as we have none of those things. But what we do have, are a specific set of benefits which are unique to Honeycomb and which really do attribute to us being one of the most successful recruitment teams, both professionally and personally, within Northern Ireland.

  1. Prosecco Fridays

Drinking responsibly is fun and all that, but who DOESN’T want to end the working week with a glass or 3 of bubbly?! Our Prosecco Friday has been going since the first week we opened and it is showing no signs of slowing down! It is a great opportunity for us all to unwind and get excited about the weekend whilst ending the week on a high.

  1.  Treated Like the Adult That You Are

When I first interviewed for the business, I was told that everyone was treated like an adult and I’ll be honest – I didn’t really understand what that meant! However, having worked for Honeycomb for over 2.5 years now, I fully get what this entails. It means if you must go to the dentist or to the doctors – you can go, no questions asked. If you have a personal circumstance to attend to, no problem. We have an amazing culture of honesty, integrity and transparency. I was even given a day off at last minute when my little dog died, something which I know would be absolutely frowned upon in other places but was offered right away. I guess in summary, if you are flexible and hard working for us, we will be as flexible with you.

  1. No Wolf of Wall Street

If you imagine that recruitment is all hard-hitting conversations, hard-sells and getting over excited about a win – then you haven’t been in Honeycomb. The thought of doing a Jordan Belfort in this office has us all cringing at the edge of our seats. We are a people business, and when you are assisting with people’s job search – people have to remain at the heart of all that you do! Therefore we enjoy a more collaborative and respectful approach to work, which is something people always commend us for! If you are more of an air-punching, back-flipping enthusiast – we can probably recommend a couple of places you’d be better suited to!

  1. Live Your Best Social Life

Much like the point above, we aren’t looking for quick fixes but instead for long-term relationships. Therefore, if there is an event or networking opportunity you want to partake in, you’re likely to have full support. Time out of the office is certainly not seen as time wasted. I have been to more fancy hotels, interesting talks and met the most interesting people I have ever met during my reasonably short while at Honeycomb. I have had the opportunity to go all over the country and present twice at my old school. Outside of work, we go on regular nights out courtesy of the business and all make time for each other when the opportunity is there.

  1. We Actually Talk To Each Other!

No, seriously, this doesn’t happen everywhere. If you want to have a few minutes chat about Love Island between calls – that’s okay. We are a close-knit team at Honeycomb and we haven’t got their by chance but by building genuine relationships with each other as much as with our clients/candidates. It is the best feeling to know that you can come to work with any problem, and genuinely within 10 minutes everyone will have thrashed it out with you and put your mind at ease.

  1. Amazing Office

I didn’t think I cared about the kind of office I worked in, until I worked here. No expense has been spared for us to have a lovely, modern office in the city centre which is totally unique to Honeycomb. We have every facility we could want at our disposal and have the best in technology too. With this comes free tea, coffee and snacks. If you are extra lucky you will even get to try my famous pavlova or Sophie’s ginger cake!

  1. Genuine Opportunities for Advancement

When I joined the business, I was just excited to build out my desk and watch everything grow. I never expected to be promoted within the first year and a half and go on to manage a team. It takes real faith from a Manager to allow this kind of progression and it is something I’ll be forever grateful for. So if you join Honeycomb, the sky’s the limit for your own professional development. We are big enough to know, very clearly, where we want to go but we aren’t so big that we don’t need other people to make our plans a reality.  

  1. Have Your Birthday Off, On Us

Again, something which seems like a small thing until your birthday on a Wednesday rolls around and you realise you have a lovely little day off just for you! This is an extra day outside of your annual leave as everyone deserves a Happy Birthday.

I could really go on forever about the lesser-known positives of working here, however for more details please contact me on to hear about our open vacancies and what you can expect to find when you actually start.