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Are you in the right career? A personality test to determine your future!

21 Aug 2019

Are you in the right career? A personality test to determine your future!

The 16 Personalities quiz, modelled on the Myers- Briggs model, provides a remarkable (and freakily accurate) insight into your personality type. By taking the test you will see an analysis of your strengths & weaknesses, motivations, and deterrents and most interestingly what your ideal career is!



Analysts embrace rationality and fairness. They flourish in debates and scientific or technological fields. They are independent, strong-willed and analytical. Approaching many things from a practical perspective and being far more interested in what works than what satisfies everybody. Analysts thrive on improvement and if they see a flaw or problem they will not rest until it is solved!

Types of Jobs for an Analyst Personality type

Famous people with an Analyst Personality: Albert Einstein!



Diplomats value on empathy and cooperation. They excel in diplomacy and counselling. Diplomats are cooperative and imaginative, often act as harmonisers in their workplace. Diplomats can be passionately inspired by experiences: music, cuisine, theatre, nature. Diplomats are warm, empathic and influential individuals.

Types of Jobs for a Diplomat type

Famous people with Diplomat Personality: Will Smith!



Sentinels are known as cooperative and practical, embracing and creating order, security and stability wherever they go. Sentinels are hard-working and traditional and excel in logistical or administrative fields, especially those that rely on clear hierarchies and rules.  Sentinels love working in jobs where they feel they are directly helping someone achieve something. 

Types of Jobs for a Sentinel Personality type:

Famous people with a Sentinel Personality: Taylor Swift!



Explores are the most spontaneous of all the personality types. Explorers are practical and flourish in situations that require quick thinking. They are masters of tools and techniques, using them in many different ways – ranging from mastering tools to convincing other people. These skills make explorers experts in sales! Perhaps then it is not surprising that a number of our consultants in Honeycomb HQ lie within this personality type!

Famous people with Diplomat Personality: Adele!


I highly recommend anyone reading this blog to take the test and see if your personality type has in fact influenced your career choice.  You can do so by clicking this link: