to Northern Ireland’s only boutique agency specialising in business support.

Our structure has been created specifically with business support staff in mind. To support the supporters, if you like.


Why Honeycomb?

At Honeycomb, our big idea is ‘Supporting Excellence’ and we feel that this sums us up succinctly;

Our big idea also influenced our choice of name.

Honeycomb makes sense on several levels.

For starters, it’s one of the world’s strongest natural support geometries, admired through the ages by eminent minds including Charles Darwin and Galileo. Indeed, Darwin believed it to be ‘absolutely perfect in economising labour’. We agree.

But a natural honeycomb in a hive is a bit useless without hard working bees to fill it up. That’s why our structure has been created specifically with support services staff in mind. To support the supporters, if you like. What we do makes what they do, possible. And that helps our clients’ businesses to thrive, because without support, everything else collapses.

There’s a higher purpose at work here too. The spirit of bees is revered by many ancient faiths for its tenacity against the odds, devotion to their task beyond reason and an ability to appreciate and make the most of nature’s wonders. We can identify with that. We’re not scared of hard work and neither are our candidates, yet we still find time to pause occasionally and smell the roses along the way.


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Job Seekers

You can be assured that when you work with Honeycomb, you have a cheerleader advocating tirelessly on your behalf. We consider our candidates as an extension of our team, so it is important to us that you are happy. We take the time to meet with you personally and to understand your motivations and career goals.


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We take the time to understand your business, not just the job brief. We are naturally curious and dig deep to build a ‘big picture’ view, considering the organisational culture, challenges and business objectives.


The team at Honeycomb

The Team

The team at Honeycomb are passionate about supporting our customers in achieving their potential, whether that be an organisation realising business growth with the support of a candidate that we have recruited, or a job seeker landing their dream job due to an opportunity we have connected them with. It’s what makes us tick!

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