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Are You Prepared For Your Interview?

While nerves are natural in this situation, it is important that they are kept under control, allowing you to be at your best. As with everything, a little preparation goes a long way to ensuring success. Some important points to remember include;

  • Ensure that you know the exact date, time and location of the interview. If the area is unfamiliar to you, do a dry run the night before so that you are familiar with the route, parking arrangements etc. This way, you won’t be phased on the day of the interview.
  • Allow time for the unexpected! Inevitably, when you have an important appointment to attend you get a flat tyre, or get stuck in traffic. Plan for this – allow yourself plenty of time to get to the interview. It is much better to be early and relaxed than late and in a panic.
  • Research the company and interview panel: It is surprising how many times job seekers will attend interview without having taken the time to research the company or do a little background reading on the panel. Employers will usually ask what you know about their business – this should not be a surprise. A lack of preparation at this end demonstrates a lack of commitment and enthusiasm for the role.
  • Review your CV: Read through your CV to refresh yourself on key dates, achievements and experience. Review the job description and can clearly articulate how you meet the key requirements within the role. Anticipate questions that the employer may ask and prepare clear concise responses to each. A frustrating, but common statement from job seekers is ‘it’s hard to know what you do all day’. This will not get you the job.
  • Follow Up Questions: The interview is a two-way process, and this is your opportunity to learn more about the company and strategic plans. Pertinent follow up questions will demonstrate your interest in the role and set you apart from other job seekers.
  • Dress Code: While many employers have a more relaxed dress code, always attend interview in smart business attire and remove any excessive piercings or jewellery.
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