• JOBSEEKERS – Maximise your impact on LinkedIn

    09 Oct, 2020

    I am delighted to see an increasing number of people in my network celebrate new jobs, however I am very aware that many remain in search of a new opportunity. For those still looking, I thought I would share a few tips that will help you maximise your impact on LinkedIn.

  • 5 Ways Temporary Recruitment Can Support You, Now

    07 Sep, 2020

    Due to COVID-19 many organisations have faced unique challenges and as such have adopted unique solutions to navigate through the uncertainty. One solution we have seen many of our clients utilise during these uncertain times is a temporary recruitment solution.  I have highlighted 5 important ways a temporary recruitment solution could support your business, now. 

  • The Importance of Constructive Feedback

    24 Aug, 2020

    I am a massive advocate of feedback, simply due to how can you ever improve if you aren’t being told areas to reflect on? As a Recruitment Consultant, providing feedback to candidates and clients is one of the most crucial elements of our role. Feedback does not just revolve around being successful, or unsuccessful for a position, it actually goes so much further beyond this.

  • Thinking Beyond the Salary

    21 Jul, 2020

    Over the past couple of months, most of us have been faced with the challenge (or benefit!) of working from home, through no choice of our own. A benefit that many of us would’ve cried out for in a pre-covid world, but were not always provided with the option to do so.

  • Keep your business moving forward with Digital Onboarding

    26 Mar, 2020

    During these difficult times, it is a monumental task to keep businesses operating as usual. Plans have changed, there is an air of uncertainty and hiring new staff has fallen to the bottom of the priority list for several businesses. For some, however, hiring is still as important as ever. Many firms are now utilising Honeycomb’s video interviewing technology to keep things progressing and getting new staff up and running with Digital Onboarding.

  • Honeycomb Homeschooling Schedule

    26 Mar, 2020

    With coronavirus safety measures closing many schools indefinitely, you might have conflicting emotions, like, “Yay, my kids are safe at home!” and “Ahh!, I am not a teacher! How will they learn?” If you can’t imagine creating a day of lessons, take a look at some of the free home-schooling lessons which will be running over the coming weeks/months.

  • How to retain the best Personal Assistant talent

    20 Feb, 2020

    Working with an expert Personal Assistant can really move mountains within your business. We want to ensure that you hold onto those remarkable candidates and have put together some focus points which we think will ensure you retain your best Personal Assistant talent:

  • Important Adaptability Skills for Workplace Success

    18 Feb, 2020

    Are you adaptable and have an eagerness to learn? Do you recognise the change in your day-to-day activities at work with positivity? Do you like to try new things and handle different workflows accordingly? If so, you show signs of adaptability, one of the most highly desirable skills that our workforce needs. Employees that can adapt to change, are creative and motivated seem to be the ones that fall into leadership roles.

  • Erin’s Top Ten Tips for Saving

    10 Feb, 2020

    I’ve been tasked with giving some of my top saving tips – and here we are! I know how to enjoy myself and I’m not obsessed with saving, however since I’ve lived alone, I’ve always been pretty good at it. I know it can be such a struggle for people, so hopefully, these might be of practical use.