• Success in the Legal Sector: How to Commence and Progress your career

    14 Nov, 2019

    There is a thriving legal sector in Northern Ireland, which includes renowned local Law firms as well as national and international firms, who have established a growing presence.

  • Six Spooky Staffing Statistics

    31 Oct, 2019

    With it being “All Saints” Eve and no, not an appreciation day to pop group All Saints, we will be giving any recruiter the fright of their life with these six spooky staffing statistics.

  • Why Do New Start-Ups Need Administrative Support?

    10 Sep, 2019

    Belfast is becoming a booming tech hub, with over 1200 technology companies housing some of the best talent in the world. With more FDIs arriving in the city, and incubator hubs such as Ormeau Baths, Catalyst Fintech Hub, RiverHouse and Farset Labs to name a few, Belfast is establishing itself on the map as an up and coming leader in technology. That’s where Honeycomb lends a hand…

  • Are you in the right career? A personality test to determine your future!

    21 Aug, 2019

    Personality is one of the main factors that impact your behavior, emotions and perhaps subconsciously your career. This blog will open your eyes to your personality type and show you if are in fact, in the right career! Take the Test!

  • 8 Reasons To Work At Honeycomb

    01 Aug, 2019

    Employees are becoming disillusioned with break out spaces, bean bags and fruit bowls. This is good news, as we have none of those things. But what we do have, are a specific set of benefits which are unique to Honeycomb and which really do attribute to us being one of the most successful recruitment teams, both professionally and personally, within Northern Ireland.

  • Tips for Mum's and Dad's Returning To Work

    01 Aug, 2019

    Returning to work after maternity/paternity leave can be a big transition for both the parent and baby. However, there are so many things which can be implemented to make this transition easier. Susan Wallace, founder of Settled Petals Baby Consultancy shares her top tips.

  • The Beauty Of Temping

    23 Jul, 2019

    As a widely growing popular solution for both candidates & clients alike – Claire identifies the ‘Who; What; Where; When & Why’ into the potential perfect employment solution.

  • Are You Prepared For Your Interview?

    04 Jul, 2019

    A job interview provides you with a unique opportunity show an employer why you are the perfect candidate for the role. This is your opportunity to shine, potentially landing you your dream job. These tips help ensure that you are all prepared.

  • Stand Out From The Crowd - Writing a Great CV!

    04 Jul, 2019

    Research has shown that employers will spend on average 10 seconds reviewing your CV before accepting or rejecting it for a role. With many job ads receiving 100+ applications, it is important that your CV stands out from the crowd (for the right reasons!) and makes it through the first sift.