Executive Assistant

Ana Bicho

Please could you describe how you were first introduced to Honeycomb?
I came across the Honeycomb website when looking for jobs through NI Jobs. I applied for a few positions and came to Belfast for a very disappointing interview arranged through another agency. I then remembered the amount of job roles advertised through Honeycomb and decided to drop a hard copy of my CV. Even though I did not have a time booked or anything like that, I was greeted at reception by a very friendly member of staff. She looked at my CV and asked me to return the following day for an interview. They managed to get me a temporary position while still looking for the suitable role where I am now.
What makes Honeycomb different to other recruitment companies?
Honeycomb was never out of touch during the whole recruitment process. They were always extremely friendly and very professional whenever we made contact. There was no period I wouldn’t know what was going on with my job applications (they always gave me feedback and updates throughout the processes), different from other agencies that never called me back.
How would you describe the service they offer?
Very professional but a human touch to it. They seem to understand very well what clients and applicants are looking for.
Very professional but with a human touch. They seemed to understand very well what clients and applicants are looking for.
How did they support you through the recruitment process?
First of all, they offered me the temporary position, which came at the right time. Then, they were always contacting me with new opportunities to check if they would su it my requirements. They made me feel very well looked after.
How long did it take you to find your current role?
Well, I actually got a temporary position the following day I met with them. For this permanent role, it was probably another month or so after the temporary contract was over.
What advice would you give to anyone else looking for a new role?
I would say the same thing my brother in law said to me: Go to the agency and drop your CV. Sometimes is good to show your face and speak to someone in person, rather than just applying online.
If you could sum up Honeycomb in three words, what would they be?
Professional, proactive and friendly.

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