Office Manager

Kelly Lavery

Please could you describe how you were first introduced to Honeycomb?
After being made redundant from a previous role after nearly ten years employment I forwarded my CV to Honeycomb. Very quickly after submitting my CV, I was contacted to come to Honeycomb to talk with Louise.
What makes Honeycomb different to other recruitment companies?
As an Office Manager I have had dealings with many recruitment agencies throughout my career, this time I was on the other side of the table and we very nervous. From my first contact with Honeycomb, it was clear that everyone was passionate about the Company and had genuine enthusiasm for finding me a position that suited my background and skill set. I really felt that Louise and Mairead went above and beyond to ensure that I was best placed in my new role and that they negotiated the best package for me.
How would you describe the service they offer?
The service really is second to none – professional, friendly and Honeycomb were always on hand to answer any of my questions. It really is evident that all the employees at Honeycomb are extremely passionate about the work that they do.
It really is evident that all the employees at Honeycomb are extremely passionate about the work that they do.
How did they support you through the recruitment process?
Both Mairead and Louise worked outside normal office hours to ensure that I was kept informed at every stage of the recruitment process. Louise was fantastic at giving me practical advice and support about the Company that they were putting me forward to interview for, and kept in regular contact throughout the whole process. After successfully securing my new role I received lovely congratulations e-mails from Honeycomb and I thought this was a lovely touch.
How long did it take you to find your current role?
I had my initial interview with Louise to register me with Honeycomb and it literally was a matter of weeks when Louise contacted me about the position of Office Manager at Black Duck Software.
What advice would you give to anyone else looking for a new role?
Definitely contact Honeycomb recruitment, they will find your dream job. Believe in yourself and don’t just apply for “any old job” as knocks backs can really demotivate you Contact Honeycomb and they will search out the positions that best suit your background, personality and skillset.
If you could sum up Honeycomb in three words, what would they be?
Passionate, professional, approachable.

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