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Don’t Scare off Hiring Managers – 5 things to avoid having on your CV this Halloween!

Don’t Scare off Hiring Managers – 5 things to avoid having on your CV this Halloween!

  1. Misleading information.
  • Inflating your job title, achievements, academic qualifications etc. is one way to hinder your job search. Background checks are a common occurrence in the recruitment process and if you have inflated information about yourself, it’s likely to come out.
  • Being honest about the skills, qualities, and achievements that you’ve earned is much more rewarding.
  1. Too little information.
  • Too little information is a major error, not putting job titles, companies, employment dates (Months and years) is the best way to ensure that a hiring manager won’t have a clear picture of your employment history.
  1. Too much information.
  • Hiring managers will not read past 2 pages worth of a CV. Your work experience is important but you don’t need to put details of a role you finished in 1999. Include at least 5 years worth of experience, and pay attention to expanding on the most recent role(s).
  1. Incorrect spelling, punctuation, or grammar.
  • With technology in 2022, spellcheck and a variety of other technologies enable your work to be checked over.
  • I advise running spellcheck and also having someone look at your CV before you put it out there. Two sets of eyes are better than one.
  1. Including irrelevant personal information.
  • Hiring managers don’t want to see your photograph, date of birth, nationality, or marital status. This is due to anti-discrimination laws and it’s in your best interest not to include these.
  • Don’t include personal social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. LinkedIn is great to share, but ensure it is up to date.

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