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Face-to-face Interviews reign supreme in the post-covid workplace 

Face-to-face interviews remain the favourite format for interviewing. This shows that the massive digital shift to virtual procedures isn’t preferred by everyone. Statistics from Our recent poll showed that 45% of respondents prefer face-to-face interviewing over virtual and other hiring procedures.  

Full poll results; 

  •  Face-to-face interviews    45%  
  • Virtual Interviews              42% 
  • I’m on the fence                 11%  
  • Other                                    2% 

Why do people prefer face-to-face interviews?  

Research surveys from the NSTR; found that respondents view face-to-face interviews are the only way to truly judge a new job opportunity. Respondents also noted that face-to-face interviews make it easier to build connection with your interviewer. 17% of respondents in the surveys noted technical issues with virtual interviews being the cause of their preference towards its face-to-face counterparts. 

Employers can also benefit from face-to-face interviews as organisations compete for talent, personal evaluations may convince a candidate to accept an offer. Face-to-face also allows interviewers to view body language and non-verbal communication from interviewees.  

However, all is not lost with virtual interviews! Having the ability to interview for roles virtually has opened the job market up for employees and employers to have more freedom of choice in the roles they apply for and subsequently who they hire with the challenges of geography being flattened in the virtual world.  

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