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Honeycomb Homeschooling Schedule

With coronavirus safety measures closing many schools indefinitely, you might have conflicting emotions, like, “Yay, my kids are safe at home!” and “Ahh!, I am not a teacher! How will they learn?”


If you can’t imagine creating a day of lessons, take a look at some of the free home-schooling lessons which will be running over the coming weeks/months. Check out the tips below to assist you with you and your kids with home-schooling.


  1. Don’t panic – you’ve got this! – We believe that the biggest thing families should do is keep the sleep schedule the same, read every day, and do some problem-solving with real-life situations.
  2. Set a simple schedule – While some of you will choose to do an hour-by-hour chart for your kids, a loose guideline can be enough to keep kids on track. If your kids are in secondary school, it might even be worth letting them create their own schedules (with your approval) – this way they will be motivated as they will be doing things that they enjoy.
  3. Read, Read & Read – Kids should be reading roughly around 20 minutes a day in order to keep up their literacy skills. They can read about things that they are interested in, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an academic textbook.
  4. Keep up their writing skills – These are extraordinary times, so encourage children to document what’s going on in their lives. A daily journal may help kids keep track of not just day-to-day events but their thoughts and feelings about it as well. If that’s not your child’s thing, suggest that they write out a short fiction story.
  5. Just remember – learning can be fun – be creative!


Honeycomb Home Schooling Schedule (with links)


Non-daily events include:


Breathe. This at-home break will end, and life will eventually return to normal. But in the meantime, you might inspire learning that lasts a lifetime.

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