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How to retain the best Personal Assistant talent

Working with an expert Personal Assistant can really move mountains within your business. We want to ensure that you hold onto those remarkable candidates and have put together some focus points which we think will ensure you retain your best Personal Assistant talent:


Communication is key, especially if you want your Personal Assistant to work closely with you and act on your behalf. Invest substantial time in the early stages and make sure your new Personal Assistant understands how you work, who your contacts are, your priorities for the year ahead, and any other important points of your role.

YOUR feedback

We have found that feedback is also crucial to maintaining a solid working relationship with your Personal Assistant. Unfortunately, we have found that many Personal Assistants do not receive any feedback when they start a new role and become frustrated with the lack of direction. A good Personal Assistant requires regular feedback, particularly at the start of the role, to make sure they tailor their work to suit your needs.

THEIR feedback

Something that employers don’t always do is also make sure that their Personal Assistant is satisfied, it is important that they are happy with the role and how you like to work. We advise that you ask your Personal Assistant if they have any feedback for you, for example if there is anything that you can do to improve the working relationship. Some Personal Assistants work more efficiently with very little management, others may prefer more regular interaction with their direct report.

Long term plans

Some Personal Assistants have long term goals, others simply do not. Making sure you have an idea of where they want to be in a few years’ time is important and can become a useful way for you to potentially utilise their full potential in the longer term. They will not only feel valued, which is crucial in any role, but it is likely to stop their head from turning when other opportunities arise.

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