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Hybrid Working – A Tight Rope Approach  

Hybrid Working – A Tight Rope Approach

Hybrid working has been voted the key consideration (41%) for candidates prior to accepting a job offer. The Covid-19 pandemic ushered in a new format of work for many businesses and employees around the world, being able to work from home either fully remote or within a hybrid arrangement has changed how candidates view jobs.  

What once started as a precautionary necessity is now a massive consideration point for roles within the job market.

  • 47% of employees stating that they would begin to look for a new job if their employer doesn’t offer or revoked hybrid working.
  • Furthermore, two-thirds of candidates stated they wouldn’t apply for a role if hybrid working wasn’t mentioned in the job advert.  

This begs the question, why do candidates seek hybrid working arrangements?  

Research surveys with employees across the UK have pulled several benefits to this method of working for employees. The first of which, was better work-life separation with employees noting that hybrid working allowed them create a clearer separation between their work life and personal lives. Respondents also noted that it has helped them to control working hours, mitigate burnout and had a positive effect on their health and well-being.  

However, this method of working comes with a unique set of challenges. Employers have noted that company culture has begun to lose its worth with employees switching from working at home and the office. Employers also find it increasingly difficult to schedule meetings and face to face time with their teams due to staff working on different schedules. Furthermore, although some research notes that it offers benefits to workers mental health there is contradictory research that notes that some employees find working from home as an isolating experience.  

Ultimately, Hybrid Working is a tight rope path for employers to trot on. With candidates / employees expressing their desires to have the ability to split their working week so much so that non-hybrid roles are now beginning to be neglected by job seekers. On the other hand, it requires an effective management plan and use of resources to ensure company culture, communication and ultimately the well-being of employees and their quality of work is maintained regardless of location.  

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