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Honeycomb Charity sector

Making a broader difference, beyond big business: The Charity sector.

Have you ever considered a career change to the Charity sector?

Times have changed when salary was the main driving force for choosing a job. Now candidates align their values and what they are truly passionate about when making career decisions. Working in the Charity sector can be a very enriching experience, both personally and for your career.

Reacting against an unfulfilling career

Have you been feeling uninspired at work recently? Many people can only dream of having a job that they find motivating, varied and challenging – and one that can help change the world. Many people report how they feel bored or unfulfilled in their roles. Taking a leap into the Charity sector can give you the boost that you desire. As clichéd as it might sound, people do genuinely want to make a difference in the work they do – and where better to do that than in a charity?

Drive change for yourself and for the world

We spend so many hours of our lives working, often repeating similar cycles of work over and over. This can lead many people to ask, ‘what’s this all for?’ Charities have a very clear sense of purpose, that’s often laid out in a strong mission statement that aims to drive change and make the world a better place. It can be very rewarding to share in this sense of purpose. Logging off every day knowing you’ve contributed towards changing the world is hugely motivating and can give a deep sense of job satisfaction.

Variety of opportunities

There is a huge breadth of options for charity roles covering everything from administrators, PAs, EAs, fundraisers, finance officers, HR officers, and project managers. Think of charities as businesses; they generate income and for that income to be spent accordingly and appropriately. They require skilled and talented individuals who have business support experience to keep them afloat.

Gaining experience in the Charity sector can also make it easier to move from one specialism to another. Not only is there a wide array of job roles but there’s also variety within roles. You may find yourself at your desk one day, cheering on a fundraising event the next day, and meeting beneficiaries the day after that. There’s always lots going on in charities and plenty of opportunities to get involved and develop new skills.

No charitable or fundraising experience? No problem.

Charity workplaces are made up of employees from varied careers and backgrounds. Having a diverse workforce brings different viewpoints, experiences, and ideas which are the key to helping charities stand out in the sector.

No degree? No problem.

More charities are adopting an ethical route to recruitment and value experience, personality, and passion over third-level qualifications or specific grades.

Where have others come from before moving to Charity?

Many people report that they ‘fell’ into the charity sector. There is no one right path to a career in charity – it’s all about those transferable skills! Many salespeople choose to work in fundraising roles as they are skilled in relationship building; negotiating and have the resilience to rejection. For some people, it’s the personal connection to a charity that is the pull factor, where they or someone they know has benefitted from their services and want to give back.

So how does that sound?

Make the first step today and get in touch with me for a chat about what could be your next role.

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