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5 Reasons to start your Job Search before the New Year. 

5 Reasons to start your Job Search before the New Year.

1- Beat the January Job-Seekers.

Many candidates will be looking for a new role from January, following their new year’s resolutions, why not beat them to the post and start your search early? 

2- December is recruitment’s best kept secret. 

Many job-seekers are winding down for Christmas, deciding to wait until the New Year, but employers are still actively hiring. Recruiters are seeking top candidates in a quieter market, so stand out from the crowd and submit your CV! 

 3 – Companies want to start the New Year Ready. 

Managers often need to spend any remaining budgets by the end of the year, which means that they are looking to hire throughout December rather than waiting for a potentially budget-restricted January. Employers like to have new employees ready to start the year raring to go.  

4- Fill the Gaps left by the December-Quitters.

Quite often employees leave their positions in December to start fresh with a job-search in January. You could fill the void! Applying in November/December means you can fill these vacancies. 

 5- Business doesn’t stop just because it’s Christmas. 

In a globalised and digital world, many businesses keep ticking all through the festive season, so now can be an opportune time to get your foot in the door. 

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