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Work-Life Balance Voted the Most Valued ‘in Office’ Benefit

Work-Life Balance Voted the Most Valued ‘in Office’ Benefit

Work-life balance is important. At Honeycomb Jobs, we always like to know how employees and employers view topics within the job world. Last week, we set up a poll to capture responses from professionals across several sectors. The aim of this poll was to gain a better understanding of employee attraction to the benefits of working in office. In the end, the ability to separate work and personal life claimed a close victory.  

The overall results were:  

  • Work-Life Balance – 48% 
  • In-Person Collaboration – 43%  
  • Well-Being Activities – 7%  
  • Other – 2%  

Work – life balance is an important practice for the wellbeing of employees.

 Some common separation methods are:  

  • Leaving work at an agreed time every day  
  • Maximise workflow during working hours, ignoring distractions  
  • Taking time for hobbies or to spend time with friends and family. 
  • Flexibility around working hours 

What are the benefits of creating separation between work and personal life?  

There are countless benefits of this for both employees and employers. It helps employees feel more relaxed and subsequently less likely to experience feelings of burnout. For employers it can boost employee loyalty and work rate as employee wellbeing is higher. Additionally, for employers caring for employees and their personal time can boost company image.

In conclusion, creating a healthy separation between work and personal life has countless benefits for both employees and employers. However, this can create hiccups as it can be difficult to manage and can backfire without employees and employers working together to deliver.  


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