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The Beauty Of Temping

The Beauty of ‘Temping’!

As a widely growing popular solution for both candidates & clients alike – here’s the ‘WhoWhatWhereWhen & Why’ into the potential perfect employment solution.


  • Who? – Candidates want to gain exposure across range throughout the NI Market and temping caters for that option. Honeycomb is working with a wide array of fantastic & exciting clients that are situated around Northern Ireland. Honeycomb is proud to be brand ambassadors for these organisations.
  • What? – Temping can allow candidates to build on /substantiate in their skillset. From ‘role title’ differentiation to ‘systems usage’ & project opportunities. A temporary role can often also lead to CPD opportunities/extension throughout other areas/departments with an employer.
  • Where? – Location is the key & as ‘work-life balance’ has to suit your travel preferences; temping can allow you a trial basis for a location to see if it all adds up for you!
  • When? Duration or longevity? Often candidates find that with their future plans/ commitments (whether it be academic/ travel or family orientated); temping can provide that solution and if both parties are happy, it can often lead to extension or transition to permanent if viable for you!
  • Why?  to recap the benefits:
    • Interim solution (in between perm roles)
    • Fast and effective turnaround
    • Sheer enjoyment of versatility
    • Competitive hourly rates (often when used to gain traction)
    • CPD/ skillset building / systems usage
    • Gateway opportunity into a corporate.
    • Flexibility in longevity
    • Exposure to a range of environments; culture & dynamic.
    • Navigation around job roles/titles if looking to explore extent of certain job duties
    • Widen your search – including locality of roles for that work life balance
    • Try before you buy – often an onboarding experience if both parties happen and room for extension/ transition to permanent!
    • Have another person (your recruitment consultant) to lean on and clarify any work-related queries throughout an assignment.


Why Temporary employee’s will work for your business!

  • Time – Honeycomb has a dedicated Temp Desk, which ensure a fast and effective specialist recruitment process.
  • Pre-screening/ vetting solution – Honeycomb reference check & meet with every candidate before sending out for interview.
  • Increased workload strain? (keep your team happy- bring in more bodies).
  • Restrictions on Head Count?
  • Fed up with payroll – all done for you!
  • Longevity – rolling or Fixed Term; you choose!!
  • Holidays / Sickness Cover
  • Backlog of archiving
  • Maternity cover
  • Seasonal peaks
  • Interim support
  • Niche project facilitation – refined / bespoke requirements
  • Try before you Buy!

If you’d like to find out more about how temping could work for you, please reach out to our temporary team on 028 9620 7050 or via

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