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what to wear to an interview

What to Wear to Interviews

First impressions are formed within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone.

This is an important statistic to bear in mind before your next interview. I have pulled together some top tips to ensure you are presenting your best self to any future employer so that your first impression will hopefully be the easiest part of your interview!

1. Dress for success

A saying we so often hear in the world of work, but what does this mean when it comes to an interview? Research has shown people who dress up in formal business attire feel significantly more powerful than their under-dressed peers!

However, it is important to bear in mind that each company varies in its dress code. Dressing for success can vary massively business to business. It is vital you research the company you are interviewing with to assess their culture and dress code – you want to illustrate that you will be a good fit for that company. For instance, various tech start-ups may have a dressed down culture were a relaxed interview outfit may be more appropriate. Check out the company’s’ website or Instagram page to help gauge what their ideal dress code looks like!

2. Comfort is key

You want your interview outfit to help you convey your confidence and comfort. One thing you do not want to worry about during your interview is how uncomfortable your outfit is. Various pitfalls in interview attire can be wearing new items of clothing e.g. that you have not broken in, wearing clothing that is too tight or itchy or being too warm. It may be a good idea to wear something you have worn before and that you know is comfortable.  No one wants a wardrobe malfunction during an interview if you do need to purchase a new outfit for an interview, wear it around the house for a day to get used to it.

3. Less is more

For your interview outfit, less is more. You want your future employer to remember your experience and personality. You want an outfit that will help you shine rather than outshining you! Limit any accessories or outfit choices that may distract your employer.  The most important thing to convey is your professionalism and energy.

4. “Never fully dressed without a smile”

A song in one of my all-time favourite movies with a vital message. A smile is one way to communicate engagement, enthusiasm and excitement. You could be wearing your best interview outfit but if you forget to smile in your interview, you could be communicating the totally wrong message. A smile is the best way to communicate your positive attitude for the opportunity & is the best accessory of all!

I hope these points will help you in preparation for your next interview. If you are seeking additional information on either CVs or Interviews, contact Dearbhla on

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