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Jobseekers – Maximise your impact on LinkedIn

2020 has been a funny old year and not without its challenges for us all. So many experienced professionals have found themselves either out of work or at risk of redundancy due to global pandemic was not on anyone’s radar at the start of the year.

I am delighted to see an increasing number of people in my network celebrate new jobs, however I am very aware that many remain in search of a new opportunity.

For those still looking, I thought I would share a few tips that will help you maximise your impact on LinkedIn.

  1. Picture perfect

First things first, add a profile pic. As someone who HATES having my photo taken, I resisted this for a long time. But, did you know that LinkedIn profiles with a colour photo that clearly show your face get 20 times more views and up to 9 times more connection requests?  Networking is all about connecting and by adding a profile picture you help to build trust, create an emotional connection, and showcase your personality on the platform.  BUT – not all pictures are equal. Make sure the picture is recent, looks like you and represents how you would like to be seen at work (no Saturday night selfies!). And remember to smile!

(Top Tip – LinkedIn have also added a visual cue to highlight your job seeking status – a green border with #opentowork that can be added to the profile pic for maximum visual impact)

  1. Supercharge your headline

Your headline is the first thing people see on LinkedIn so make sure it counts! Recruiters, Hiring Managers and potential connections want to know (and quickly) who you are and what you do.

As Recruiters often search for talent using key words and job titles, make sure they can find you. While you can use your current job title, if this is internally focused or unique to your company, I would change it up. Use key words and dividers (|) to list your job title, specialist skill set, industry experience and don’t forget to include location.

For example, Executive Assistant |C-Suite experience | Investment Banking & Fin-Tech| Belfast

  1. Let the profile summary tell your story

When connections (i.e. potential employers) scan your profile, they will only see the first 3 lines of your profile summary unless they opt to read more. With that in mind, make sure the reader can instantly see who you are! An example could be

‘I am a multi award winning Executive Assistant with 10 years’ experience supporting at Board/ C-Suite level…….’

Within the profile section, it is great to highlight key skills and achievements. Employers like to see tangible results. For example;

‘I increased sales from X to Y in 12-month period! Or

‘I delivered cost savings of X over a 6-month period through supplier contract negotiations’

Remember, key words are crucial in this section to optimise your profile in searches. Be sure to use plenty of key words that are relevant to your sector and the role you are doing (or want to do).

While you are given 2000 characters, think about the reader. Attention spans are notoriously short, so don’t go back to the dawn of time. Keep the section concise, using short paragraphs and section breaks to showcase key information.

(Top Tip – LinkedIn gives you extra ‘points’ for every section you fill in, which optimises your profile for searches. Make sure to complete all sections)

  1. Highlight your experience

The dawn of time rule applies here too! It is not necessary to list every job you have held since your paper round, but I would ask you to think about the job you want and tailor your experience accordingly, including those roles that are relevant.

As in the summary, you want to demonstrate your impact in each role. Use bullet points to list
firstly, key responsibilities and then key achievements.

  1. Don’t take my word for it…

You want your LinkedIn profile to do the hard work for you and to ‘sell’ YOU to a prospective employer. What is the first thing we all do before we commit to buying anything? We check out the reviews and recommendations!

Now is not the time to be shy – ask for recommendations (from previous employers, team members and even customers). These endorsements may give you the edge and help your profile stand out from the crowd.

  1. Get connected

To make an impact, people need to see your profile. That means you need to connect! As a starting point, I would connect with people you know (who will act as your online ambassador – liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts to ensure maximum reach).

Then, think strategically. Is there a company you would LOVE to work with? If so, connect with the team, follow the business page and like and share their content. If you are passionate about a particular business or leader, why not send them a message to tell them you would love to work for the business if an opportunity arose. However, be respectful, professional and do not bombard with multiple follow up messages. That will undo all your good work.

When you are searching for a new role, it can be time consuming and exhausting! I hope these tips help you to stand out from the crowd and let LinkedIn do some of the hard work for you.


If you are seeking a new role, please check out our website to see all new roles or contact the team on 028 96207050. We would be delighted to help.

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