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Future Trends in the Recruitment Landscape: A Glimpse into 2024

Top topics for consideration by Hiring Managers 



Candidates who have shown continuous upskilling are valuable assets. The recent technology advancements in 2023 showed us that continual re-skilling and upskilling is necessary as technology continues to advance and requisite skills evolve. With the surfacing of AI, new skills will be required by existing and potential talent to succeed in the market.  

Making the office a magnet not a mandate  

With COVID affects becoming outdated, Hiring Managers must consider making the office an appealing option over a non-negotiable for employees morphing into a hybrid model from the previously remote option. HR must work to represent the shift in how companies will now come together.  

The Automation Revolution 

According to a report on artificial intelligence conducted by Eightfold, 92% of HR leaders are intending to expand their utilisation of automation in various aspects of talent acquisition and people management. Firms are elevating their HR functions by implementing AI to discover potential candidates, maintain employee records, handle payroll procedures, manage employee benefits, supervise performance and productivity, evaluate CVs and track applicants, facilitate the onboarding of new hires, and efficiently offboard employees. 

Empowering HR with Data-Driven Insights and Strategies 

Employers can enhance their decision-making regarding their workforce through the implementation of people analytics and data-driven HR practices. Furthermore, HR and Hiring Managers can gain valuable insights by analysing productivity metrics, turnover rates, and data from talent management platforms.  

 Growing Importance of DEI 

According to data from Jobvite, many HR decision-makers (75%) have expressed their company’s commitment to prioritise diversity hiring. This is a significant finding considering its implications for recruitment. In the Belonging Barometer 3.0 by EY, it was revealed that 63% of Gen-Z workers would prefer to join a company that places a high emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) compared to those that do not. This statistic is particularly remarkable considering the projected increase of Zoomers in the workforce, estimated to reach 30% by 2025. As a Hiring Manager, it is crucial to recognise the growing importance of DEI and to adapt strategies accordingly to attract top talent. 


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