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ADHD in the workplace

Navigating the Recruitment World with ADHD: My Personal Journey and Insights

Embarking on a career in recruitment, particularly as an individual with ADHD, has been a journey of discovery, growth, and profound insights. ADHD, often misconceived as a limitation, has unveiled an array of strengths and perspectives that have enriched my professional experience.

A New Understanding

My journey took a transformative turn in October 2023 when I received an ADHD diagnosis after 34 years of navigating the intricacies of the working world. This revelation was more than just a diagnosis; it was an epiphany, granting me clarity and compassion towards myself. While my innate traits as a perfectionist and an overthinker have often posed challenges, they are counterbalanced by my high sense of empathy, creativity, and capacity for innovative thinking. With the right tools and understanding, I have come to realise the immense potential that lies within.


Harnessing the Power of ADHD

Creative Innovations:

ADHD has given me a unique view in how I perceive the world, fostering creativity and unconventional thinking. In the fast-paced world of recruitment, these traits have been invaluable. I often find myself coming up with innovative strategies and solutions that others might overlook, allowing me to connect candidates with roles that truly resonate with their unique skills and aspirations.


Empathy and Connection

ADHD has also endowed me with a heightened sense of empathy and understanding towards people. I often find myself connecting deeply with individuals from all walks of life, recognising the unique strengths and potential they bring to the table. This empathy-driven approach has not only facilitated more meaningful candidate interactions but has also fostered a culture of inclusivity and respect within the teams I have worked with.


Navigating Challenges with Resilience

While ADHD has its strengths, it is not without its challenges, and I am still very much finding my feet. From navigating distractions to maintaining focus, I’ve done my best to approach them with resilience and determination. With the unwavering support of my workplace, I have implemented structured routines and leveraged technology to create an optimal work environment. Each day unfolds as a learning experience, guiding me towards harnessing my diagnosis as a formidable asset rather than a hindrance.


Shaping the Future of Recruitment

As I reflect on my journey as a recruiter with ADHD, I am excited about the evolving landscape of recruitment. By advocating for neurodiversity and fostering inclusive workplaces that value diverse talents, we have the opportunity to redefine the future of recruitment, embracing a holistic approach that celebrates the unique strengths and perspectives of every individual.



Navigating the world of recruitment with ADHD has been a transformative experience, filled with challenges, growth, and great insights. As I continue to embark on this journey, I am inspired by the potential to create a lasting impact, fostering connections that empower individuals and organisations alike. Through openness, understanding, and inclusivity, we can shape a brighter, more diverse future for the recruitment industry and beyond.


Are you an employer keen to understand how to support neurodiversity in the workplace? Or perhaps you’re a candidate with a neurodiversity and would like to chat around this and our current opportunities; get in touch with Juliet by email at or call at 028 9620 7050.


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